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Demystifying the publication process: A workshop brought to you by the Entomological Society of Canada

Chris Buddle, Editor-in-Chief, The Canadian Entomologist ______________________________________ These days, scientific societies are struggling to maintain membership.  This is, in part, because the value of membership is not always apparent.  The Entomological Society of Canada has recognized this issue for years, but I believe we are starting to enter a new, exciting era for ESC members.   […]


Fellows of the Entomological Society of Canada, 2012

A few weeks ago, Rose De Clerke-Floate wrote a post about her experiences as the Chair of the ESC Achievement Awards Committee and announced the recipients of the Gold Medal and the C. Gordon Hewitt Award. Today, she announces additional honours bestowed upon more of our valued members. _________________________________________ We applaud the following worthy members […]

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Stupidity is the mother of invention

By Dr. Terry Wheeler, Director of the Lyman Entomological Museum, McGill University _________________________________ Warning: the following post contains content that makes a university professor and museum director look a bit ridiculous. Readers who wish to cling to the fiction that University Professors are smart, infallible and wise may find this post unsettling. “Do you have […]

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Respect your specimens

By Crystal Ernst, PhD Candidate (McGill University) Since I finally submitted my manuscript to a journal (YAY!), I’ve been tying up the little loose ends remaining at the end of the project. You know: organizing the useful data and image files, tossing the files marked “MESSING_AROUND_WITH_DATA_v.29), tidying up my R code, and, perhaps most importantly, […]


A little weekend entomology

By Laura Timms, Postdoctoral Researcher (McGill University), Chair of ESC Common Names Committee _____________________________________ I’ve just come back from a weekend at my parents’ house, celebrating my Dad’s birthday and enjoying the beautiful early summer weather.  My parents live on the Oak Ridges Moraine in Ontario – they have a gorgeous piece of property they’ve […]

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Meet the ESC Blog admins (Part 1)

The ESC Blog is off to a fantastic start, and we admins couldn’t be more proud of our amazing bloggers.  The response from the Canadian entomology community has been tremendous – which is really no surprise, but still wonderful! Readers have been joining us from all over the world (59 countries!) and we’re so pleased […]

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Écrivons sur Wikipedia! Let’s write on Wikipedia!

(Note: the English version follows) Guillaume Dury, Étudiant à la maîtrise, Université McGill _______________________________ Le 7 avril 2012, l’article du jour sur Wikipédia était Chrysiridia rhipheus. C’était un grand jour pour moi : j’ai écrit la majorité de l’article. Ce n’est pas pour autant mon article; dire cela irait à l’encontre de l’étiquette de Wikipédia. […]

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News from the Entomological Society of Manitoba

By Matt Yunik, Public Education, Entomological Society of Manitoba ____________________________________ After a slow start, I can finally say that spring is in the air here in Manitoba. Summer students have started their work in the various labs and grad students are chomping at the bit to get back into the field. After the devastating flooding […]