Leave a legacy for future generations

Established in 1863, the Entomological Society of Canada (ESC) is a not-for-profit organization that provides national support for research, training and communication on Canada’s insect fauna.  We publish The Canadian Entomologist, the Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification and a quarterly bulletin.  We co-host annual meetings with our affiliated Regional Entomological Societies and provide financial support for students to attend these meetings.  The Entomological Society of Canada Scholarship Fund is a registered charity that provides scholarships to graduate student researchers.

The ESC and its affiliates are the repository for Canada’s historical entomological achievements and we honour our past members. Collectively, our members donate hundreds of hours each year in classrooms and public events to help Canadians learn more about insects and their relatives.

With your support, we will continue to meet the needs of Canada’s entomological community long into the future.

Please consider making a legacy donation to help us in our endeavours.  Legacy donations can be provided as cash, real estate, securities, artwork, or other assets to either the ESC or to the ESC Scholarship Fund. The ESC Scholarship Fund will issue a charitable tax receipt for the full value of a donation.

For more information

Please contact the ESC Treasurer at: ESCTreasurer@esc-sec.ca.  The ESC strongly recommends that you seek professional advice to ensure that your legacy gift is tailored to your wishes and circumstances, and recommends that you consult your lawyer or estate planner regarding the specific wording of any gift in a will.