Entomological Society of Canada Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

The Entomological Society of Canada (ESC) is an inclusive society which seeks to promote, facilitate, communicate and advocate for research and education on insects and their relatives, mentor the development of younger entomologists, and showcase Canada’s entomological expertise nationally and internationally.

The ESC acknowledges and values all dimensions of diversity. Therefore, we welcome into our Society and encourage the participation of all individuals who are interested in entomology regardless of age, gender, gender identity, race, cultural background, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, professional status, geographic location, and all other characteristics that make our members unique.

The ESC is committed to proactively promoting a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusivity and will actively denounce prejudice and stereotyping whenever it is encountered in the Society or the profession. The Society expects its members, and most particularly its directors, officers, committee members and ESC staff, to act in accordance with the principles set out in this statement.

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