National insect appreciation day

On June 8th, we invite you to celebrate National Insect Appreciation Day (NAIAD) with thousands of insect enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals all across Canada. This year, the in-person activities scheduled for NAIAD were canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it will still be possible to participate in the “insect picture challenge” on social media. We hope that this challenge will prompt the public to develop their curiosity towards insects and raise awareness about the presence of insects all around us.

In order to participate in the challenge, a person will have to post a least one picture of an insect during the National Insect Appreciation Day on June 8th. When posting the photo, the participant should include associated hashtags and nominate five friends by inviting them to also post an insect picture.


2020 Joint Annual Meeting Cancelled

We regret to announce that JAM2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank everyone involved for their efforts in organizing and supporting the meeting to this point. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this time and we will see you at future ESAB and ESC meetings.

The Annual Meeting of Members of ESC will be held by teleconference in fall 2020, at a time and date to be determined. The plebiscite to determine the slate of directors to be elected at the Annual Meeting of Members will take place as usual. Board and other business meetings normally associated with the JAM will be held by teleconference. Details of teleconference meetings will be communicated as they are determined.

Entomological Society of America. Third-Annual International Branch Virtual Symposium, April 27-29, 2020

This free global event will feature three days of video and virtual poster presentations focused on:

  • Monday, 27 April 2020: Chemical Ecology. Speakers: John Beck, Charles Midega, Zainulabeuddin ‘Zain’ Syed (Baldwyn Torto, org.)
  • Tuesday, 28 April 2020: Genetics, including Insect Molecular Genetics. Speakers: Ehab Abouheif, Ryan Rego, Denise Steinbach (Isobel Ronai, org.) and General Posters
  • Wednesday, 29 April 2020: Biodiversity and Global Change. Speakers: Morgan D. Jackson, Sebastian Seibold, Jessica Ware (Julien Saguez, Charles Vincent, orgs.)

Join us for an opportunity to collaborate and learn from your peers and colleagues around the world in the comfort of your home, lab, or office. To view a list of plenary speakers and poster presentations by topic, visit the Virtual Symposium homepage.

To register for the free event, click on “CREATE A LOGIN AND VIEW THE ONLINE PROGRAM” on the Virtual Symposium homepage and create credentials to gain access. Please note you may already have credentials from a previous ESA event. Your ESA website login credentials are not necessary for this site. The free event is open to all insect-enthusiasts and entomologists; non-International Branch members are encouraged to attend.

ESC and COVID–19: Update 15 April 2020

2020 International Congress of Entomology (ICE)

On 25 March 2020, it was announced that ICE would be postponed until 2021, and this was communicated to ESC members by Eblast on 27 March. As this was past the deadline for refunding of registrations (1 March 2020), refunds are not available following the postponement announcement. ESC has learned that expenses already incurred by ICE exceed the total of registrations received before the postponement decision, and so there simply is no available money to refund. Those who have registered will be able to use their registration in 2021; those who are unable to do so can transfer their registration to someone else. See for more information.

ICE Student Travel Awards

Three students were awarded $850 each towards the costs of attending ICE on condition that they registered and submitted an abstract for a presentation at the Congress. Awardees will receive their awards this year, if they have fulfilled those conditions.

National Insect Appreciation Day (NAIAD)

8 June 2020 is the second annual NAIAD. Originally, it had been planned to make it bigger and better than the first NAIAD with more group activities focusing on insects. As a result of COVID-19, no group interactions will be promoted for the 2020 NAIAD. The scaled-back event will feature the insect picture challenge (see Regional entomological societies may feature other virtual activities, or promote activities that can be done individually while social distancing.

Print subscriptions to The Canadian Entomologist (TCE)

As communicated to ESC members by Eblast on 26 March 2020, COVID-19 has forced Cambridge University Press, the publisher of TCE, to suspend production of print issues of all the journals they publish. On-line issues of TCE and the manuscript processing process are currently on schedule, although disruptions resulting from work-at-home and similar precautions may slow manuscript processing in the future. The publisher has assured ESC that, once the COVID-19 crisis is past, the missing print issues will be printed and mailed to those who subscribe to them.

Announcing Eagle Hill Institute’s seminars on Entomology in 2020

Eagle Hill is on the coast of eastern Maine between Acadia National Park and Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Jun 28 – Jul 4 … Native Bees: Biology, Ecology, Identification and Conservation … Sara Bushmann and Kalyn Bickerman-Martens
  • Jul 5 – 11 … Tracks and Signs of Insects and Other Invertebrates … Charley Eiseman
  • Jul 26 – Aug 1 … Moths and Butterflies: Identification, Specimen Preparation, and Taxonomy … Paul Dennehy
  • Aug 9 – 15 … Spider Ecology, Identification, Biology, and Photography … Kefyn Catley
  • Aug 23 – 29 … Trichoptera of Eastern North America: Morphology, Molecular Systematics, Ecology, and New Research Directions … John Morse and Paul Frandsen
The following flyer has links to individual seminar flyers:
For general information and a complete calendar: … 207-546-2821 Ext 4


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