Environment and Climate Change Canada have posted a public consultation on the development of Canada’s 2030 Biodiversity Strategy. It is open until July 14th.

The Entomological Society of Canada’s Science Policy Committee invites members of the ESC to respond to this survey as individuals focussing on insect biodiversity priorities.

The list of questions are provided here in English and in French: these are for consultation only, to help people think about their answers before doing the survey.

Winter gall of the goldenrod gall fly, opened to show the freezing-tolerant larva within

The posting of Hugh Danks’ series “Wider aspects of a career in Entomology” continues with the next 3 installments.

“This series of articles outlines some ancillary aspects of my entomological career, for the potential amusement of readers.”

14. University courses and teaching

15. Scientific conferences

16. Exploring insect cold hardiness


Wasp larvae, uneaten aphid prey, and larva of a chrysidid parasitoid in the nest of a solitary wasp in a bramble stem.

Continuing with the posting of Hugh Danks’ series “Wider aspects of a career in Entomology”, this post presents 3 more installments.

“This series of articles outlines some ancillary aspects of my entomological career, for the potential amusement of readers.

11. An amateur in France


 12. Graduate studies in England

13. Graduate studies in England, continued

The Entomological Society of Canada is looking for a member willing to serve in the position of Co-Secretary, starting in October 2023. The ESC’s two Co-Secretaries share the secretarial duties in support of the President and Board of Directors by:

  • Scheduling meetings of the Executive Council, Board, and the Members, preparing agendas, obtaining reports from Officers and others, sending out notices of meetings, attending the meetings, and recording minutes.
  • Working with our Association Management Company (Strauss event & association
  • management) to ensure that records of Society activities such as agendas, minutes, reports, and correspondence are preserved, and to prepare the Society’s annual filings with Corporations Canada and other government agencies.
  • Providing information on Society business to the Bulletin Editor, Webmaster, and Strauss for publication, posting, and circulation to the membership as necessary.
  • Maintaining up-to-date lists and contact information for the Society’s Board and Committees.
  • Overseeing plebiscites to recommend candidates for nominations as Societal Director and Director-at-Large, and for any other questions on which votes may be required, and notifying of the results of voting. Advising affiliated societies when they need to provide names for nominations as Regional Directors.

A familiarity with the Society’s by-laws, rules, and guidelines, past experience as a Board member, and the ability to work in French and English would all be assets. This is a great opportunity to serve one of the oldest biological societies in North America and to deepen your contacts with the Canadian entomological community. Any member interested in serving in this position may contact either of the current Co-Secretaries, Erin Campbell ( or Neil Holliday ( for further information. Erin will be continuing in her position, and Neil will be stepping down. Applications should be made to the President, Chris MacQuarrie (, by 31 July 2023. The final selection will be made by an ad hoc committee convened by the President.


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