La Société d’entomologie du Canada est à la recherche de membres enthousiastes pour assumer des rôles de leadership au sein de la Société. Un conseiller ou une conseillère et un directeur sociétal ou directrice sociétale (deuxième vice-président ou vice-présidente) seront sélectionnés par les membres au moyen d’un scrutin en ligne. Le conseiller ou la conseillère siégera au CA pendant trois ans, tandis que le deuxième vice-président ou la deuxième vice-présidente sera en lice pour devenir président ou présidente de la Société au cours de sa troisième année. Les candidatures à ces postes doivent être signées par trois membres actifs de la Société et parvenir au secrétaire de la Société d’entomologie du Canada ( avant le 28 février 2022.

The Entomological Society of Canada is looking for volunteers for the upcoming JAM, November 3-7!

Volunteering looks great on your CV, is an excellent way to meet new people, and is fun! The Student Affairs Committee worked hard to keep student registration rates low, so we need a very strong showing of student volunteers to help make this meeting a success!

Sign up at by checking off times you are available. The full program is up now so you can confirm when you are presenting: check it out here!

As mentioned in a previous post, the Entomological Society of BC has been working hard to improve the Society’s impact by enhancing our online presence to reach more people in BC, as well as the rest of Canada and the world. We’ve undertaken a massive project to digitize our entire journal archive, and are in the process of moving all 108 volumes of the Journal of the ESBC online (plus occasional papers, supplementary reports, and the Quarterly Bulletins dating back to 1906!).

This project will provide unprecedented public access to the Society’s publications, and you can help! With scanning and OCR completed, we need to extract the metadata for each article, including the abstracts and references, so that we can import them into our new online journal system (link to We are recruiting volunteers to assist with this step, as well as creating cover images from the scanned volumes.

  • Flexible and easy;
  • Can be done from anywhere (you don’t have to live in BC!);
  • Opportunity to explore the history of entomology in BC;
  • Work closely with ESBC journal and web editors;
  • Contribute directly to the establishment of a permanent, online, open-access repository of entomological knowledge in BC;
  • Ideal for students or anyone with an interest in entomology and community service.

Contact Alex Chubaty ( if you are interested in contributing time towards this project.