La Société tiendra un vote en ligne afin de sélectionner des candidats pour les postes de directeur sociétal et de conseiller. Les candidats sélectionnés seront ensuite présentés à la réunion annuelle à Calgary en octobre pour une élection formelle par les membres. Les nominations pour ces postes doivent être signées par trois membres actifs de […]

Le quatorzième concours annuel de photographie visant à sélectionner des images pour les couvertures de The Canadian Entomologist et du Bulletin de la Société d’entomologie du Canada pour 2019 est en cours. Les images sur la couverture doivent représenter l’étendue entomologique couverte par les publications de la Société. Des photos représentant des insectes ou autres arthropodes forestiers, urbains ou […]

This post is the first in a series featuring ‘cool’ and ‘cruel’ (pest) insects in Canada. If there’s an insect that you’d like to write a post about, please get in touch with us! by John Acorn How long do butterflies live? For most, the answer is « not very long, » after what may have been […]

This post is the first in a new series featuring interviews with Canadian women working in or studying entomology. Q: What are you studying or working on right now? HC: I am currently finishing up my PhD at Simon Fraser University. I use a mixture of molecular biology, bioinformatics and ecology to tease apart virus […]

By Dr. Laurel Haavik, US Forest Service Exotic species that establish, spread, and cause substantial damage are demonized as foreign invaders that charge with menacing force across the landscape. Rightly so; those pests threaten to displace or eliminate native species and alter ecosystem functions. Chestnut blight, emerald ash borer, and hemlock woolly adelgid are all excellent […]

By Paul Manning, Post-doctoral Researcher, Dalhousie University Sometimes when you’re least expecting it you can find yourself presented with the adventure of a lifetime. This recently was the case for me. My adventure took me to the United Kingdom, from September 2013 to August 2016, where I completed my DPhil in Zoology at the University […]

By Nicole McKenzie, PMRA Growing up is a continuous lesson in assessing risks. In my case, those risks included going for a double salchow with the risk of taking a bad fall, pushing my limits on my bike with the risk of an accident around every corner, or choosing an insect-filled educational path that was […]

by Elisabeth Hodgdon, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Vermont “It’s a story of unrequited love,” says Dr. Yolanda Chen, my Ph.D. advisor, describing our research on pheromone mating disruption. Mating disruption, a pest management strategy that involves inundating a field with synthetic sex pheromone, prevents male insects from finding their mates because they can’t cue in […]

Extrait de « Dévorés », un roman de science-fiction entomologique post-apocalyptique qui paraîtra aux Éditions L’Interligne (Ottawa) le 7 février 2018. « Dévorés » est le premier roman de Charles-Étienne Ferland, candidat à la maîtrise en entomologie à l’Université de Guelph et cofondateur d’une jeune entreprise qui conçoit des applications mobiles utilisant les technologies d’apprentissage automatique pour identifier les insectes. — […]

  By Dr. Lauren Des Marteaux, Postdoctoral fellow, Biologické centrum AVČR ——— No one would describe me as having wanderlust; I am a nester, molding my surroundings for maximum comfort, convenience, and aesthetics. I loved my historic apartment, my extensive set of kitchen gadgets, and all of Canada’s familiarities (AKA Tim Horton’s everywhere, anytime). As a […]

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