Article by Dr. Chris Buddle, Professor at the McGill University.


The Entomological Society of Canada's home of operations in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Entomological Society of Canada’s home of operations in Ottawa, Ontario.

I was in Ottawa back in December, and found a bit of time to visit the Entomological Society of Canada’s headquarters, on Winston Avenue.  It was a real treat – our office manager (Derna Lisi) is always thrilled to have visitors, and will make you a lovely cup of coffee!  The office is where memberships get processed, general queries from members get answered, and where printing, mailing and processing paperwork gets done.  It’s also a place where you can browse through ALL the volumes of The Canadian Entomologist.  The office has seven copies of all TCE issues, well-organized, and fully accessible.  Although the journal is electronic now, it sure is nice to hold the Volume 1, Issue 1, in your hands.  That is a lot of history!   It is also somewhat comforting to know that hard copies exist, and that they are well cared for.

The Canadian Entomologist 1(1) - 1868

The Canadian Entomologist 1(1) – 1868

Although I visit Ottawa with some frequency, I always seemed to find reasons not to visit the ESC headquarters.  That was a mistake.  It was a real pleasure to meet Derna, see the operations, and realize that our society has a brick-and-mortar face to it. We are all busy and overworked, but I do encourage you to stop by 393 Winston Ave next time you are in Ottawa.  As a further incentive, there are some lovely shops nearby, including Mountain Equipment Coop.  Go grab your field clothes and stop in to say hi to Derna!  You’ll be glad you did.


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