The Canadian Journal of Plant Science announces a call for papers for a new Collection: Bugs in the North: Insect-Crop Interactions in Continental Climate Agriculture, guest-edited by Dr. Tyler Wist (AAFC), Dr. Hector Carcamo (AAFC), Dr. Boyd Mori (University of Alberta), and Marie-Ève Gagnon (AAFC).

From the wheat midge to the lady beetle, insects interact with crops in ways that range from useful to destructive. The full extent of damage due to insect pests can be difficult to estimate beyond yield-related crop losses. Indirect damage often includes compromises to host plant health and biodiversity resilience. And as climate change reshapes agricultural management practices and insect populations and behaviour, farmers are faced with what is, literally and figuratively, a moving target—and can benefit from research that offers new insights into the ongoing work of managing insects.  

The Canadian Journal of Plant Science invites submissions on current research concerning the impacts of insects on field and horticultural crops in the continental climate region. Topics may include:

  • Insect pest damage and management
  • Insect diversity, migration, and invasive species
  • Climatic factors in entomology
  • Biological control
  • Insect toxicology
  • Advances in measurement or monitoring techniques
  • The role of AI in modeling to refine predictive tools
  • Agroecosystems and farming management systems

Please contact Morgan Tunzelmann, Journal Development Specialist for the Canadian Journal of Plant Science, with any questions:

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The Biological Survey of Canada is hosting a student collection competition! If you made a collection of insects, plants, or other biological material for university credit this year, you could win up to $150! Photograph your work and enter before January 31st 2024!

Get more out of your collection than a letter grade, while contributing valuable biodiversity data to ongoing scientific efforts to discover, record, and describe biota of Canada! Details can be found on the BSC website.


Each category will be assessed independently and prizes will be given to the top three in each.

  • 1st place in each category will be awarded $150 CAD, and 2 Biological Survey of Canada t-shirts
  • 2nd place in each category will be awarded $50 and a Biological Survey of Canada t-shirt
  • 3rd place in each category will be awarded $25 and a Biological Survey of Canada t-shir

Winners will have their collection featured in the Biological Survey’s Summer newsletter, and all participants will be featured on the Biological Survey of Canada website for the next year.

The Congress is hosted by the Hellenic Society of Phytiatry in Athens, Greece and is organized under the auspices of the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS), and of the Agricultural University of Athens. 
A wide range of topics will be covered in a rich 4 days scientific program while well- known speakers from all over the world will present all the latest developments in Plant Protection and other relevant fields.

The Status of Insects RCN Annual Meeting will be held January 25-26, 2024. Anyone with an interest in the causes and consequences of insect decline, and solutions to mitigate insect biodiversity loss, is welcome to attend the meeting so please extend this invitation to colleagues, students, and other networks you are part of that may be interested in attending. We especially want to encourage graduate students and other early career researchers to get involved.

The goal for the meeting is to bring everyone together to see more of what all the RCN Working Groups are doing, have dedicated time to work on products and discuss ideas, and to network with other folks working on similar topics around the globe. Much of the meeting will be focused on Working Group activities, but there will also be plenary talks, poster sessions, and social events.

The meeting will be entirely virtual and will run continuously for roughly 48 hours straight so that no matter what time zone you are in, there will be meeting activities scheduled. Register to attend the meeting here so that we can set you up with access to the meeting platform.

Call for posters:

There will be three virtual poster sessions during the meeting. We especially encourage students, early career researchers, and people seeking international collaborators to expand current or planned projects to submit a poster. Posters do not have to be new – you are welcome to present a recent poster from a local, regional, or taxon-specific meeting since it will be new to many folks at this meeting.
For details on submitting a poster, please visit the RCN website.


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