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Photo contest deadline extended to Oct. 15!

Due to a shortage of entrants to date, we are extending the submission deadline for the ESC/SEC photo contest to October 15! So submit today, the thing to remember is THIS YEAR THERE ARE PRIZES!!! Rules and instructions below! Eighteenth Annual Photo Contest The 18th Annual Photo Contest to select images for the 2023 cover […]

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Graduate Student Position in Metabarcoding of Soil Invertebrates – UQAM & AAFC

Soil mesofauna (including mites, springtails, and nematodes) are incredibly diverse and play an important role in maintaining healthy and functioning soils in terrestrial ecosystems. However due to their small size and cryptic habitat, these fascinating animals are often overlooked or underrepresented in ecological research. The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM, Department of Biological Sciences, […]

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M.Sc. Research Opportunity in ‘Oribatid Mite Ecology, Systematics and Taxonomy’

An exciting new position for an M.Sc. student is available through a multidisciplinary research program involving researchers from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta and the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute. The successful applicant will contribute to the local and regional biodiversity assessment of Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding areas to assess potential […]

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An insect-adorned bandana to support ESC students!

(French follows) This year, instead of the annual silent auction, the Student and Early Professional Affairs Committee of the Entomological Society of Canada is selling bandanas to raise money for the Annual Scholarship Fund. This 100% cotton bandana, available in red or charcoal gray, is printed with the logo insects* of the ESC and all […]


2021 Virtual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society June 24 – July 1

The American Arachnological Society is hosting a Virtual Conference Thursday June 24 – Thursday July 1. A Keynote address by Maydianne Andrade will open the meeting on the evening of the 24th. Program highlights include plenary talks by Mercedes Burns, Lauren Esposito, and Ivan Magalhães; oral and poster presentations; and a panel discussion and workshop on actions to dismantle racism […]

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ESC 2020 Photo Contest Winners

By Amanda Roe (ESC Photo Contest Organizer) & Sean McCann (ESC Photo Contest Organizer-in-Training) ~~~~ We are pleased to announce the winners of the ESC Annual Photo Contest. This year saw 27 people participate in our annual ESC Photo Contest. They submitted a high number of entries – 99 to be precise. We wish to […]

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Introducing a Co-EiC Model to The Canadian Entomologist

By Dezene Huber, Suzanne Blatt, and Amanda Roe, Co-Editors in Chief of The Canadian Entomologist. After consultation with the Entomological Society of Canada’s (ESC) Publications Committee and the ESC Executive Committee, we have instituted this new model for management of Canada’s flagship entomological journal. Following an application process, we are happy to announce that Dr. […]

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Dung beetles in high mountain landscapes of Oaxaca

By Matthias Rös, Alfonsina Arriaga-Jimenez, Bert Kohlmann   Dung beetles (Scarabaeidae) belong, besides ants and butterflies, to the best-studied insect groups in tropical ecosystems. Three subfamilies are considered as true dung beetles: Scarabaeinae, Geotrupinae, and Aphodiinae. There are about 10,000 species of dung beetles around the world known to science, although that number is still […]