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a​​ Special Issue:

Building together: Indigenous leadership in entomology​​ (English)


Bâtir ensemble: Leadership autochtone en entomologie​​ (French)


Toqitasik: L’nu’k ikana’tu’tij wjit ula entomology​​ (Mi’kmaq)


Ka-mawmawi oushistawk: indigene neekawneewin daw entomology​​ (Michif Cree)


Oko-ozhitooyang: Niigaananishinaabewanokiiwin gaye inwewin​​ (Western Ojibway)


Agiklitiqniganik havaqatigiikniqmit: Nunaqaqaqtut Hivuliqhuqnigit kumaliqijutinuani​​ (Inuinnaqtun)





“Building together” strives to build a foundation for future research and​​ reveal areas that could benefit from an​​ Indigenous​​ perspective.



We seek submissions that include​​ Indigenous knowledge sharing, co-creation and/or collaboration​​ between Indigenous Peoples and Allochtones​​ covering​​ all areas​​ of entomology.


To be included in the September 2023 roll-out of the issue please submit by June 30, 2023 at:​​ cambridge.org/core/journals/canadian-entomologist

For more information:​​ editor@esc-sec.ca