I am sure many folks out there know what it is like to rent their very first apartment, only to find that the place has a major infestation of some noxious pest. Well, fellow ESC member Catherine Scott and I have just rented our first apartment in Gualaco, Honduras, and boy does it ever have an infestation!

These are the dreaded household casebearer, Phereoeca uterella (Tineidae)and there are tons of the wandering larvae all over the walls! Luckily we have other familiar allies, the Pholcids, which are in great abundance. This infestation will be easy to manage provided we take care of the moths’ food sources. This is definitely not the worst infestation I have experienced.


Allies in the fight against clothes moths!

Anyway, these are the most obvious insects in our new home. Please share below about any experiences with first-apartment infestations you may have had!

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