fireworksThe ESC Blog was launched on June 1, 2012. We didn’t entirely know what to expect in terms of the readership, reach and submissions, but it’s clear that we’re off to a great start!

For those who like numbers (we do!), here are some stats.  In the past seven months we’ve had:

  • about 10,000 page views
  • 61 posts by a total of 25 bloggers
  • visitors from 141 countries 

Wow! While we’re quite pleased to see that our strongest viewership comes from right here in Canada, it’s equally wonderful that our bloggers are writing posts relevant to the rest of the world! We salute our fine authours for all their hard work and excellent contributions this year.

The five most popular posts of the year are quite varied in terms of content, though perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that our audience appreciates diversity – we’re entomologists, after all!

  1. Exceptional Canadian Entomologists Recognized with ESC’s Top Honours, by Rose De Clerk-Floate
  2. An Insect for Canada, by Morgan Jackson
  3. Insects as Works of Art, by Elizabeth Goluch (as told to Crystal Ernst)
  4. Stupidity is the Mother of Invention, by Terry Wheeler
  5. Caption Contest, Cycle 1 Photo 1, by Morgan Jackson

These posts reflect pride in our country and for members of our entomological community, an appreciation for the beauty of our chosen study subjects and, not least of all, a good sense of humour!

Now that you’re all feeling refreshed from a good winter break, why not submit that article you’ve been thinking about writing and join our suite of excellent bloggers? We’d love to hear about your research, a student accomplishment, an outreach activity or workshop, or interesting natural history observations! Send your story and photographs to

Happy New Year, and may 2013 bring you many entomological delights and discoveries!

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