Hi, my name is Holly Caravan and I am a PhD student in Dr. Tom Chapman’s social insect lab at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Currently my work is focused on galling aphids and their potential for antimicrobial activity within the gall. This past summer I visited Dr. Patrick Abbot’s lab at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) where I was able to access three species of galling aphids. But, to address the ultimate goal of my research, I want to include the species Pemphigus spyrothecae which produces spiral galls on Lombardy poplar, Populus nigra. This species has a soldier caste which is morphologically specialized, different from the other three species I have already researched. I am looking for any information on locations of this aphid species in Canada; Newfoundland would be ideal, but my hopes are not high! Attached are links with pictures of the host tree and the spiral galls produced by the aphids. Any information would be greatly appreciated! I can be contacted at holly.caravan@gmail.com or hcaravan@mun.ca!



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  1. Ravi shankara
    Ravi shankara says:

    dear holly caravan
    nice to know ur interest,infact i am dabbling in the same field from last few years. I am working on those insect galls which have been mentioned in our ancient literature like ‘Charaka samhita’ of ayurveda(Indian traditional system of medicine). I have just started a journey in this direction, still lot to do. presently i am working as assistent professor in jain university, bangalore. lot to share, get bk 2 u soon.