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President's Prizes

The Student Paper/Poster Committee* appointed by the Regional Society hosting the Joint Annual Meeting has the responsibility of coordinating its Society's and the ESC’s President's Prize student paper and poster competitions and awards. Regional societies may have their own award(s) and set of rules or traditions for their student paper or poster competition that may bind them to handling the competition in a certain way. Having a corporate sponsor that traditionally presents a prize, or a rule that winners must be members of the regional society, or that students must be single authors on the papers etc. may preclude merging the regional and national societies’ competitions. The regional society may choose to skip their own competition in favour of a single joint meeting competition, hold their own competition separately, or they may want to incorporate their own award into the meeting. In any case it is the responsibility of the Student Paper/Poster Committee to ensure that the various national and regional society’s competitions are clearly defined and coordinated and that the prizes for each competition are ready for presentation. Consultation with the chair of the ESC Student Awards competition is encouraged to ensure coordination. Some variations on awards that have been given out at previous meetings include:

   • An award for the best student paper for each paper session
   • An award for the best student poster
   • Awards for the best overall student papers by a Ph.D. and by a Master’s student
   • Additional awards for runners-up
   • An award for the best paper by a member of the regional society.

General rules governing the ESC student paper competition are:

   • The student must be enrolled in a degree program or have graduated from the program less than six months previously
   • The student must be registered at the meeting
   • The student must be the principal investigator and principal author of the paper
   • The student does not have to be a member of the ESC.

Judging Sheets:     Oral Presentations      Posters

Effective Communication Recommendations are found hereMaking a great poster instructions are found here.

* for further details see Organization of the Annual Meeting of The Entomological Society of Canada (pdf)