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Insect Photos

The Thirteenth Annual Photo Contest to select images for the 2018 covers of The Canadian Entomologist and the Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Canada is open for submissions, for more information, see the contest rules.

Blethisa julii LeConte, photo courtesy of Henri Goulet

The ESC Insect Photographs on the Web Project

The Entomological Society of Canada is preparing a collection of photographs of insects to be offered free of charge to the public though its WEB site. Please send your insect photographs (web-ready, as JPEG files, cropped and, retouched if necessary, and no larger than 800 pixels in width and 600 pixels in height) to: vincentch@agr.gc.ca

Please provide the name of the insect and the name of the protographer. It is understood that the photographs are copyright free and will be made available without obligation from the ESC.

Photo Collections

Miscellaneous Insect Photographs by Christian Autotte

Miscellaneous Insect Photographs by Dan Johnson

Images of Carabidae (ground beetles) by Henri Goulet

Photographs of Monarch Butterflies by Margaret Pickles

Agricultural Pests from the Collection of Bob Lamb

Aquatic Insects from the Collection of Donna Giberson

Miscellaneous Insect Photographs by J.C. Lucier

As part of the mandate of the Entomological Society of Canada these insect photographs are made available to the public free of charge,
providing that they are not for resale and that proper credit is given to the authors. The ESC thanks the photographers for their contribution.