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Heritage of The Entomological Society of Canada

Entomologists of British Columbia
Entomologists of Alberta
Entomologists of Saskatchewan
Entomologists of Manitoba

Biography of Entomologists in Canadian Publications
(includes addendum 2001-2005)

Recently Added Obituaries
(October-December 2011)

Philip Barker
Doug Eidt
Gary Grant
Peter de Groot
Rev Ronald Hooper
Mushtaq Khan
Ruby Larson
Vernon Vickery

Obituaries of Canadian Entomologists (2001 - present) 

Lab Profiles
The Evenden Lab (2010)
Labo de Charles Vincent (2010)

Fiona Hunter's Lab (2009)
The Lalonde Lab (2009)
The John Spence Lab (2009)

Diptera Unit – Canadian National Collection (2008)
The Sperling Lab (2008)
The Chemical Ecology Group in SLU, Sweden (2008)

University of Northern British Columbia (2007)
CABI Europe - Switzerland (2007)

University of Guelph – Insect Systematics Laboratory (2006)
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Centre (2006)

Lab profiles 2003-2005

For issues regarding the heritage of the Entomological Society of Canada, please contact our Heritage Committee Chair, Cedric Gillott.