Common Names Database

The Common Names Committee of the Society maintains and periodically updates a list of common names of insects. The objects of the committee are:

  • To receive and assist in the preparation of proposals of common names in both French and English for insects and other related arthropods.
  • To seek the assistance of the Committee on French Names of Insects in Canada and the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants or the Entomological Society of Quebec in the proposal of French names.
  • To foster the recognition and use of approved English and French common names in Canada.

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Recently updated names

English Common Name French Common Name Order Genus Species
gallmaking maple borer Perceur à galle de l'érable Coleoptera Xylotrechus aceris
western yellowstriped armyworm Légionnaire à bandes jaunes de l'Ouest Lepidoptera Spodoptera praefica
fourspotted sap beetle Nitidule à quatre points Coleoptera Glischrochilus quadrisignatus
twospotted spider mite Tétranyque à deux points Acari Tetranychus urticae
furniture carpet beetle Coleoptera Anthrenus flavipes

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