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Tenth Annual Photocontest - Winning Photos
(slide show of submitted photos)

Photos chosen for the covers of 2015 issues of The Canadian Entomologist and the Bulletin.
(click thumbnails below to view full-size photos)

Grand Prize: Tim Haye

Diadromus pulchellus, a biological control agent introduced into Canada against the invasive leek moth, Acrolepiopsis assectella (Delémont, Switzerland)

2nd Place: Andrea Brauner

A gravid female Hyalophora cecropia was caught at Black Donald Lake near Calabogie, ON. She laid eggs in a flight cage in the lab which have hatched and continue to grow into very colourful larvae.


3rd Place: Miles Zhang

Orussidae, Orussus minutus female.


Honourable Mention:Justin M. Gaudon

A two-striped grasshopper, Melanoplus bivittatus, ovipositing beside a road in Torrance, ON.


Honourable Mention:Rosemarie DeClerk-Floate

Nicrophorus species and Calliphoridae feeding on dead mouse.  Waterton, AB 


Honourable Mention: Nicolas Chatel-Launay

Two lab-raised Eumaeus godartii (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) butterflies are almost ready to emerge at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panamá City (Republic of Panamá).


Honourable Mention: Dezene Huber

Monochamus scutellatus found in Prince George, BC. June 2014.


Winning "Entomologist in Action" Entry: Megan Colwell

Artificial infection of white-eyed European honey bee pupa with Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus for virus proliferation (Apis mellifera).  Lab in the Department of Entomology at the University of Manitoba.


A slide show of submitted photos is posted here.
Thanks to all photographers and to : Bob Lalonde, Steve Marshall, and Ward Strong for their evaluations. Photos within a category were ranked by all judges. After ranking, a consensus ranking was determined and other selection criteria were applied. In particular, no photographer could have more than one winner.

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