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Entomological Society of Canada - Norman Criddle Award

Norman Criddle Award Winners

1977      Terry Galloway
1981      Buck Goodwin
1982      Alan Hanks
1983      Ron Hooper
1984      no award
1985      no award
1986      Paul Klassen
1987      no award
1988      Walter Lazorko
1989      no award
1990      John and Bertha Carr
1991      no award
1992      John Kozial
1993      Jim Troubridge
1994      no award
1995      no award
1996      Paul Brunelle
1997      Ruby Larson

1998      no award
1999      Dr. Bernie Gollop
2000      Stéphane Le Tirant
2001      Ross Layberry
2002      Robyn Underwood
2003      Rex Kenner
2004      Henry Hensel
2005      Gary Anweiler
2006      André Beaudoin
2007      Anna L. Leighton
2008      Jay Cossey
2009      Bob Wrigley
2010      Dennis St. John
2011      Linda and Peter Payzant
2012      C.D. Bird
2013      Alan Macnaughton
2014      Brian David Olson
2015      Louis Handfield


The Society may award, annually, an award known as the Norman Criddle Award to recognize the contribution of an outstanding non-professional entomologist to the furtherance of entomology in Canada.

The award may be given for outstanding work in teaching or research, community projects, publicity, popular writing, preparation of slide sets or films or any other activity that enhances the image of entomology.

Candidates for the award shall preferably be amateurs or students, residing in Canada. Membership in the Entomological Society of Canada is not required.

A candidate to receive the Award shall be selected by the Affiliate Society hosting the Annual Meeting.