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Diseases and Pests of Vegetable Crops in Canada
Published by The Canadian Phytopathological Society and the Entomological Society of Canada

Memoirs Cover


Editors:                   Ronald J. Howard, J. Allan Garland and W. Lloyd Seaman

French Edition:     Claude Richard and Guy Boivin

  • A practical guide providing information on infectious and non-infectious diseases, insect, mite, nematode, mollusc and weed pests of vegetable crops including:  asparagus, bean, beet, carrot, celery, corn, crucifers, cucurbits, eggplant, garlic, ginseng, green- house vegetables, herbs and spices, lettuce, mushrooms, onion, pea, potato, tomato and others.
  • Provides information on symptoms/damage, disease cycle and epidemiology/life cycle and management of important diseases and pests of vegetable crops.
  • Published July 1994 (out of print).
  • French edition (out of print) published February 1995.
  • soft cover format; 554 pages; 1030 colour photographs.
  • ISBN 0-9691627-3-1 soft cover
  • Indispensable to researchers, teachers, extension agents, producers, and students.

    These books are now out of print, and no longer available for purchase. However both English and French editions are now available in PDF format for free access on the Canadian Phytopathological Society website.