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Meet the ESC Blog Admins (Part 2)

Time to meet another ESC Blog Admin, but first an update. The ESC Blog has been going strong all summer, and is quickly becoming established within the “Bug-o-Sphere”; sometime today we’ll hit a total of 5,000 visits from 85 different countries, just 2.5 months after launching! For comparison, that’s about half the number of athletes and the […]

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CJAI #20 – Dufourea (Apoidea: Halictidae) of Canada

By Sheila Dumesh, entomology research assistant at York University. ——————————– My interest in bees was ignited in 2007, when I took a biodiversity course in my last year as an undergraduate student at York University in Toronto.  The course instructor was the well-known melittologist, Laurence Packer, and, although I had not met him before, I […]

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CJAI #19 – Cluster flies of North America

By Adam Jewiss-Gaines,  a research assistant at Brock University. ——————— When people ask me what the heck a calliphorid is (often after I have mentioned the family name and am being gawked at as if I’m crazy), I usually remark “You know those shiny flies you often see flying around in the spring and summer?”  […]